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Lightening Scrub Energy

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For a gentle scrub.

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Product benefits:
The Lightening scrub Energy removes dead cells from your skin to make it look brighter and clearer.

The creamy texture and sweet flavor to the flowers scrub gives you a nice feeling. Energy range gives you a feeling of well-being of body and mind.

1. A radiant and revitalized
2. Skin soft and silky
3. A feeling of well-being guaranteed

The Gentle Radiance Scrub is an exfoliant that removes dead skin and impurities thoroughly.

– Use the Soft Scrub Glow on your face or your body two times a week. Apply a thin layer over the face avoiding the eye area or on your entire body.

– Massage gently with circular movements and regular, with the fingertips.

– Rinse thoroughly with warm water


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