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Silky Bath Vitality

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For a smooth cleanse while sublimating your complexion

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Product benefits:
HT26 Silky Bath Vitality cleans your skin while leaving a delicate fragrance. It also sublimates your skin. The HT26 Vitality Silky Bath wraps your body with a creamy, perfumed foam for a feeling of well-being.

The Vitality HT26 Bubble Bath is a bubble bath embellishing concentrated emotions: the Vitality range tones your body and your mind thanks to its delicate fruity fragrance that melts naturally on the skin ….

Usage tips:
To get a relaxing feel, use the HT26 Vitality Silky Bath as a shower gel or in a foam bath.
In shower gel: pour a nut of the Silky Bath Vitality HT26 in the palm of the hand or on your flower of bath. Lather then apply on the whole body.
Rinse your body with lukewarm water.

In bubble bath: pour a warm bath and pour a few drops of Vitality Silky Bath to lather. Add a handful of HT26 Vitality Bath Salts to your bath for a more relaxing effect.


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