A treatment that will change
your brow life.

Because «Microblading» is a form of tattoo,  it’s extremely important there are no complications.

Eyebrows determine the facial features and are therefore one of the most significant and important line of the face. The shape of the eyebrows frames the entire face, emphases the outlines and thus the entire facial expression.By plucking, most women defined a wrong shape of their eyebrows, destroying the main  facial feature that must be carefully repaired with correction.

All clients must come for a consultation ( Free of charge) to ensure they are good candidate for microblading.

Unique Experience, Microblading is the last-ditch-effort treatment that promises to change your brow life. It is a form of tattoo where pigments are implanted under your skin a manual handheld tool,  to draw hair-like stokes with the tool to imitate natural hairs in your brows.

The first treatment takes up to two hours to be completed and does last for up to two years.

Your eyebrows become full and flawless.

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