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HT26 Ampoules Anti-Tâches, Serum 90



For injured and damaged skin

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Serum 90 benefits:

Serum 90, specifically designed for black and mixed women, corrects existing dark spots, prevents their appearance and gives the skin a clearer look.


1. The complexion becomes even and radiant

2. Denser and moisturized, radiant skin.

3. Smooths the features and gives the skin look clearer and firmer.

4. stains disappear immediately brightens the complexion.

Active ingredients:

– Oil of Rosemary: revitalizes and purifies the skin

– Camphor: Antiseptic agent

– Plant complex: brightens and evens skin tone


Apply all of the bulb after cleaning the face.

Massage all over face mask and apply it.

Leave on for 10 minutes.

Remove the mask.

Use 2 ampoules per week. The mask is applied preferably at night before bed.

The masks are disposable.