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Product benefits:
HT26 Body Lotion Vitality has a pearlescent and melting texture to give you optimal hydration as well as a feeling of well-being from the application.
The Subliming Milk Lightening Vitality HT26, durably unifies your complexion and gradually blurs the stains and imperfections.

Succumb to the generous and nourishing texture of this milk!

The subliminal Milk Lightening Vitality HT26 is an embellishing milk concentrated with emotions: the Vitality range tones your body and your mind …

It satin, refreshes and hydrates your skin.
Day after day your skin is sublimated, the complexion is unified.
Removes a delicate fruity scent that melts naturally on the skin.

Usage tips:
Apply Sublime Lightening Milk Vitality HT26, gently on the whole body, insisting on dry areas. Massage by making circular movements until complete penetration of the milk.


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