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Dexeryl Cream dermoprotective Dry skin Dexeryl® is a product (to be applied on intact skin) indicated in all cases of persistent dryness of the skin.

It can be used as the sole garrison or in accompaniment to other therapies as directed by your doctor or pharmacist.

Dexeryl® cream dermoprotective in the formula is simple and useful in hydration.

The specific technology allows to insert into the product an important amount of water which binds to glycerol and is made quickly available to the skin surface (glycerol saturated).

The film-forming substances (paraffin and vaseline) have also the task of stabilizing the water provided to the skin by limiting the evaporation.

This simple mechanism of action makes Dexeryl ® a useful product in the form of persistent xerosis. Dexeryl ® is fragrance-free, dye and lanolin.

Emollients are useful in chronic inflammatory diseases of the skin that have as a fundamental sign xerosis important (eg: atopic dermatitis).


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