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HT26 Aloe Vera Oil


For a radiant complexion!
Sensitive and reactive skin.
125ml bottle

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Product benefits:

HT26 Aloe Vera Oil provides excellent hydration of the skin. This treatment effectively soothes sensitive and reactive skin during attacks by sun, wind and cold since it allows cell regeneration and hydration. of the epidermis.


1. Soft, soothed skin.
2. A radiant complexion
3. A radiant face

Usage tips :

Apply a few drops to each area of your face and your cleansed body and massage very gently, avoiding the eyelids.
Apply your pure or mixed oil to your HT26 milk on the body. Insist on sensitive and dry areas.

Complementary care:

HT26 – Multi-Moisturizing Milk: mixed for the body
HT26 – Multi-hydrating cream: mixed for the face
HT26 – Multi-repair bath: mixed for the hair