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Multi-Nourishing & Repairing Cream


A miracle youth cure!
Damaged skill, dull complexion.
Multi-nourishing cream 50ml + Multi-repairing cream 50ml

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HT26 has conceived this combination combining a nourishing day cream and a restorative night cream to repair damaged skins, restore vitality to your complexion, smooth your skin and reduce wrinkles, for a clear, firmer and radiant skin.

The Cure face Multi-Nourishing and Repairing HT26 is composed of:

The Multi-nourishing day cream:
It is a rich cream that combines all the benefits of vitamin A and vitamin E. These vitamins associated with collagen will restore vitality to your skin. Through its assets specifically selected to act in the heart of your skin, this gentle and light emulsion will soften, smooth and protect your skin.

The Multi-repairing night cream:
HT26 has concentrated all the benefits of vitamin A and vitamin E in this rich cream.
The nourishing jojoba oil will preserve and protect your skin.

Active ingredients:
The Cure face Multi-Nourishing and Repairing HT26 contains:
A combination of Vitamin A and Vitamin E known for its moisturizing, antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti comedones virtues
Collagen and hyaluonique acid that will plump the skin from the inside
Jojoba, Calendula and Aloe Vera extracts to protect and to nourish deeply your skin.

Usage tips:
In the morning after having cleaned your skin with a HT26 lotion of your choice, warm a smal amount of the Multi-nourishing cream between your finger and then work the product with fingertips from inside the face to outside to maintain a good skin tone.
In the evening, spread a bigger amount of Multi-repairing cream trough the face and the neck after cleansing. Your epidermis is thus prepared to work peacefully. Repeat daily for quick results.


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