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Containing only natural oils and vitamin E, HT26 FACIAL BEAUTY SERUM It is a precious concentrated treatment and Its composition includes: – BORAGE OIL: Extracted from the plant seeds, this oil contains essential fatty acids which the body is unable to produce. It is known for its stimulating and regenerating action on the skin. It is suited to all skin types due to its regulating action on sebum production, and appears to have a therapeutic value in the treatment of devitalised skin. – MUSK ROSE OIL : Naturally rich in vitamin C to give a radiant complexion. – JOJOBA OIL : Obtained by pressing the beans of a small shrub native to South America, it is known for its moisturising and regenerating properties since it encourages the synthesis of soluble collagen. – VITAMIN E: Vitamin E, the antioxidant and anti-free radical properties of which are well known, encourages the hydration of the cutaneous microcirculation and also has a preventive action on damage related to ultraviolet rays.


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