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Sublime Matifying Primer


For oily skin.
No alcohol or perfume.
Texture: transparent gel

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Sublime mattifying primer HT26 is especially suitable for oily skin. It absorbs excess of sebum and impurities to give you a radiant complexion. Its gel texture will make your skin exceptionally soft to the touch. This foundation base is the first essential step for a flawless, uniform, and long lasting makeup.

Sublime mattifying primer HT26 prepares the skin easily and efficiently so that makeup can be perfectly applied perfectly and lasts all day long. Apply after your moisturizer and before your foundation. This product holds a dual role: it creates a smooth surface and regulates many skin problems like acne or wrinkles.

It acts as a makeup suppoer and creates a protective film which acts as a barrier effect and prevent the foundation from being absorbed through the skin. This mattifying base prevents shine, softens and brightens. Thanks to its micro-spherical polymer and its opalescent hue, imperfections are erased. The skin texture is smoothed and the complexion is perfectly even.


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