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Topsygel Lightening Oil


Nourrishing and clarifying action
For very dry skins

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Product benefits:
TOPSYGEL lightening oil nourishes, firmens and unifies thanks to its vegetal active ingredients.
It strengthens by protecting the skin from external aggressions.

Clarifies the complexion in a smooth and homogeneous way
Moisturizes the skin immediately so that it regains its suppleness and elasticity
Gives a shine to the skin thanks to the virtues of the complex of vegetable oils.

Active subtances:
This oil contains:

Complex of vegetal oils soothes skin inflammations, non-greasy texture, it easily penetrates the skin while embellishing it.
Aloe vera moisturizes the skin, its astringent effect tightens the pores and provides a soft and firmer skin feeling.
Vegetal complex has a unifying and exfoliating gentle unifying action while relieving sunburn.

Usage tips:
Daily care for black and mixed skin
Mix TOPSYGEL Lightening Oil with TOPSYGEL Lightening Milk to enhance its nourishing and lightening action.


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